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US-2005285131-A1: Lids for wafer-scale optoelectronic packages patent, US-2006001170-A1: Conductive compound cap layer patent, US-2006269736-A1: Fuser member having high gloss coating layer patent, US-2007295496-A1: Diamond Composite Heat Spreader patent, US-2007022449-A1: Apparatus and system for delivering audio/video content to a remote receiver patent, US-2009053366-A1: Refreshment system having effervescent supplement tablets patent, US-2004112555-A1: Bleaching stage using xylanase with hydrogen peroxide, peracids, or a combination thereof patent, US-2008288744-A1: Detecting memory-hazard conflicts during vector processing patent, US-2008020336-A1: Burner Device with a Porous Body patent, US-2007069315-A1: Photodetector and n-layer structure for improved collection efficiency patent, US-2005287454-A1: Imaging members patent, US-2006079456-A1: Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide pharmaceuticals patent, US-2004187119-A1: Non-stalling circular counterflow pipeline processor with reorder buffer patent, US-2009294905-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2006029833-A1: Methods for forming a barrier layer with periodic concentrations of elements and structures resulting therefrom patent, US-2007028171-A1: Selection-based item tagging patent, US-2009259688-A1: Interactive recipe preparation using instructive device with integrated actuators to provide tactile feedback patent, US-2006024579-A1: Battery electrode structure and method for manufacture thereof patent, US-2009323011-A1: Mesogen containing compounds patent, US-2004002062-A1: Retrovirus-based genomic screening patent, US-2004053399-A1: Methods and compositions for analyzing polymers using chimeric tags patent, US-2006270701-A1: Dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitors patent, US-2007265623-A1: Percutaneous Spinal Implants and Methods patent, US-2004096841-A1: Novel polypeptide-phosphatidic acid phsphatase 29.81 and the polynucleotide encoding said polypeptide patent, US-2005171031-A1: Method and composition for the treatment of cancer patent, WO-03080968-A1: Concealed door furniture fixing method and assembly patent, US-2004214267-A1: Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same patent, US-2005003307-A1: Method for forming DRAM cell bit-line contact patent, US-2008132003-A1: Semiconductor chip package and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2009261717-A1: Novel materials for organic electroluminescent devices patent, US-2004004838-A1: Decorative table lamp patent, US-2004232074-A1: Microstructured separating device and microfluidic process for separating liquid components from a particle-containing liquid patent, US-2007161082-A1: Lipase variants patent, US-2005020168-A1: Multilayer textile reinforcement web patent, US-2005266320-A1: Mask blank and mask for electron beam exposure patent, US-2007167689-A1: Method and system for enhancing a user experience using a user's physiological state patent, US-2008239918-A1: Device and method for recording information enabling reduced response time of a recording device patent, US-2004227203-A1: Schottky-barrier tunneling transistor patent, US-2007017793-A1: Method and device for preparing liquid patent, US-2008158392-A1: Imaging apparatus and displaying method for imaging apparatus patent, US-2005120386-A1: Multi-device distributed digital video recording systems and methods patent, US-2006124987-A1: Capacitor of semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2006210111-A1: Systems and methods for eye-operated three-dimensional object location patent, US-2005113965-A1: Continued execution of accessor commands on a restricted multiple accessor path of an automated data storage library patent, US-2009109582-A1: Method of protecting circuits using integrated array fuse elements and process for fabrication patent, US-2009226672-A1: Dual-layer light-sensitive developer-soluble bottom anti-reflective coatings for 193-nm lithography patent, US-2007015220-A1: Novel guanosine triphosphate (GTP) binding protein-coupled receptor proteins patent, US-2005194350-A1: Capacitor and inductor scheme with e-fuse application patent, US-2006183260-A1: P-type nitride semiconductor and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2007074265-A1: Video processor operable to produce motion picture expert group (MPEG) standard compliant video stream(s) from video data and metadata patent, US-2008085911-A1: Statin and omega-3 fatty acids for reduction of apo-b levels patent, US-2009228445-A1: Automated molecular mining and activity prediction using xml schema, xml queries, rule inference and rule engines patent, US-2007061724-A1: Self-contained mini-applications system and method for digital television patent, US-2006287525-A1: Aromatic prodrugs of propofol, compositions and uses thereof patent, US-2007030911-A1: Method and apparatus for skipping pictures patent, US-2006177986-A1: High fT and fmax bipolar transistor and method of making same patent, US-2008267969-A1: Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension Using an Agent That Inhibits a Tissue Factor Pathway patent, US-2006144512-A1: Handheld tape applicator for building construction and methods of use thereof patent, US-2008292006-A1: Pre-processing method for data reduction of video sequences and bit rate reduction of compressed video sequences using temporal filtering patent, US-2006067889-A1: Singlet oxygen photosensitizers activated by target binding enhancing the selectivity of targeted PDT agents patent, US-2009130158-A1: Polymer composite film with barrier functionality patent, US-2007159722-A1: Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording cassette patent, US-2005075434-A1: Nucleating additive formulations of bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane dicarboxylate salts patent, US-2006142761-A1: Spinal stabilization systems and methods patent, US-2007026639-A1: Manufacturing method of semiconductor device patent, US-2004258709-A1: Hepatitis B virus polypeptides patent, US-2006183131-A1: Novel nucleotide and amino acid sequences, and assays and methods of use thereof for diagnosis of breast cancer patent, US-2006258859-A1: Phenylalkynes patent, US-2008287349-A1: Fibroblast growth factor 20 and methods of use thereof patent, US-2005244832-A9: Class II cytokine receptor-7 patent, US-2007004622-A1: Imidazole derivative, process for producing the same, and use patent, US-2009041675-A1: Organic compounds patent, US-2007212652-A1: Method and system for enhanced lithographic alignment patent, US-2008153830-A1: Alpha and/or beta-adrenergic antagonists and agonists to treat pain patent, US-2009039451-A1: Method for manufacturing a magnetic memory device and magnetic memory device patent, US-2004187180-A1: Inbred sunflower line H1063R patent, US-2007278577-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same patent, US-2008049582-A1: Optical pickup device patent, US-2006145223-A1: Image sensor capable of adjusting focusing length for individual color and fabrication method thereof patent, US-2007148794-A1: Method for designing a semiconductor device capable of reflecting a time delay effect for dummy metal fill patent, US-2004033671-A1: Double polysilicon bipolar transistor and method of manufacture therefor patent, US-2004179741-A1: Image processing apparatus patent, US-2009304641-A1: Methods and Compositions for Regulating Gene Expression patent, US-2005079723-A1: Method for removal of hydrocarbon contamination on gate oxide prior to non-thermal nitridation using "spike" radical oxidation patent, US-2006124594-A1: Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) slurries and CMP methods using and making the same patent, US-2008052494-A1: Method And Device For Operand Processing In A Processing Unit patent, US-2006126954-A1: Image compression apparatus and method capable of varying quantization parameter according to image complexity patent, US-2006231125-A1: Apparatus and method for cleaning a semiconductor wafer patent, US-2004087492-A1: Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of diseases patent, US-2009107915-A1: Treatment process and system for wastewater, process waters, and produced waters applications patent, US-2006172001-A1: Novel methods and compositions for enhanced transmucosal delivery of peptides and proteins patent, US-2005053677-A1: Botanical extractions process patent, US-2005259281-A1: Method, apparatus and computer program for transforming digital colour images patent, US-2006102349-A1: Composition and method for treating a subterranean formation patent, US-2006131691-A1: Electronic device, assembly and methods of manufacturing an electronic device patent, US-2008161470-A1: Composition comprising polyvinyl chloride and elastomer patent, US-2006142429-A1: Retention and drainage in the manufacture of paper patent, US-2004019072-A1: Dimer-selective RXR modulators and methods for their use patent, US-2004128694-A1: Fast selection of media streams patent, US-2008199424-A1: Mart-1 t cell receptors patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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